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LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) is one of the pioneering cultural institutions which play a major role in shaping and directing the cultural scene in Kuwait, as it contributes to developing and empowering the youth and unleashing their creativity, through hosting prominent artists and instructors in their field and conducting workshops and classes in theater, music, fine arts, performing arts, and media. LAPA encourages the youth to be active contributors to the artistic scene, as well as contributors to life itself by addressing local and global causes through their art.

In addition to its ongoing classes and workshops, LAPA holds year round festivals, productions and collaborations with local and international institutes and artists. It is noteworthy that the academy started operating under LOYAC in 2003 then gained its fame and well-established recognition as LAPA in 2010.

Our Founders

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Nadia Al Saqqaf

Nadia Ahmad graduated with a BS in Television, Radio and Film from Syracuse University and an MFA in Producing for Cinema from the University of Southern California.

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Fareah Al Saqqaf

Fareah Alsaqqaf is an Economics graduate from Kuwait University in 1981. She occupied many positions in the government sector and worked at the Ministry of Planning and was the Economic Planning Manager of Kuwait Airways.

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Fetouh Al Dalali

As Co-founder and Executive Board Member, Fetouh handles the activities, exhibition and events of LOYAC. She is a graduate in Literature and Education and has several years of experience as the Technical Inspection Manager in the Ministry of Education. Fetouh is also a certified facilitator of 7 Habits workshop


Enlightened youth for peace and prosperity


LAPA strives to offer youth distinctive opportunities in the fields of art to uncover their creativity, enhance their artistic abilities, and empower them for peace and prosperity

Message from the founder

LAPA’s cumulative efforts for the advancement of the arts and cultural scene during the past ten years has instigated in creating an unparalleled footprint in Kuwait in making us a true pioneer in the domain. Our collaborations have led us to create important artistic connections and productions with key advocates of the arts in their respective forms in the region and the West.

It is for this reason why I firmly believe that the human civilization isn’t built only through the advocacy for sciences, but also through the Arts. The Arts is predominantly a prerequisite to the human interest as it rises mainly from the heart. It is from our belief and work that LAPA managed to contribute effectively in creating a cultural and artistic movement in the past ten years, that offers opportunities to the youth to work in different art fields, which activates the theatrical and artistic scene in Kuwait that impacts our communities into being more artistic, healthy, vibrant and equitable.

Fareah Al Saqqaf Fourder & Chair person

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