The music department at LAPA offers online and in-person lessons in singing and playing musical instruments for individuals who want to become aspiring musicians. Students will improve their ability to read music notes and perform on their preferred instrument. The department offers both a Western program as well as an Arabic one where students can major in Music Theory, Singing, Piano, Violin, Guitar, Cello, Oud, Nay, Qanun, and percussion.

The Western Music program and the grading is compliant with the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music in London (ABRSM).

Levels: LAPA accepts beginners to advanced

Our Team

Hisham Hallak

Head of the Music department
Classes in :Buzuk, Oud, Oriental Singing, Choir

An Arab music producer, composer, song writer, singer, Buzuk player, and choir conductor. A university and school music teacher, director of academic activities and artistic-cultural programs since 2012.
Hallak is the co-founder and co-owner of Arnabeat, an international Lebanese Band that has millions of views on all music and social media platforms with more than 120 thousand followers and subscribers.
Hallak wrote and composed more than 30 songs, film scores, TV ads and plays. He also produced several albums and musical concerts around Europe, Canada, and the Arab world.
Manhal Louissa

Classes in :Trumpet & Piano

Manhal Louissa is a young music phenomenon, multi-instrumentalist that masters the Piano and plays the Trumpet, and the violin. Graduated with distinction from the Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait - bachelor’s degree in music, majoring in piano.
Ahmed Ibrahim El-Sharbasi

Classes in :Nay

Graduated from Helwan University, Egypt, faculty of music education, department of Oriental Music. Specialized in playing the Arabic flute (Ney). Participated in many concerts at the Egyptian Opera House with Maestro Salim Sahab and also participated in concerts at the French cultural center in Egypt, and many concerts here in Kuwait.
Elarya George

Classes in :Piano and Violin

Has a bachelor’s degree in musical arts from the orchestral instruments department at the Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait (violin and piano major). She has been teaching different levels of Piano and Violin for 4 years now. Elaraya has her own special way teaching children, her method is highly efficient and fun at the same time.
Kuwaiti Folk Percussion
Abdulaziz Saud Al-Dubaibi

Classes in :Kuwaiti Folk Percussion

He holds a bachelor's degree from the Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait and is a professor of music education at the Ministry of Education. Coming from an artistic family specialized in Kuwaiti folk arts, Abdulaziz will be teaching and introducing you to the Kuwaiti folk arts: their types, practices, combining historical and theoretical sides.
Labib Slait

Classes in :Drums

A Civil Engineer and have been playing the drums for around 10 years now. Studied jazz at NDU in Lebanon with a concentration on drum set performance. Mentored by Christopher Michaels, An American drummer/percussionist and professor of jazz music from North Texas University. He was also a member of the Bach Jazz Collective, NDU Jazz Ensemble, Radio Beirut house band as well as various other groups. He is fluent in jazz, Latin, fusion, funk, rock and blues music.
Tabla & Req
Saeed Arafa

Classes in :Tabla & Req

Saeed is an oriental percussionist from a deep-rooted artistic family in Egypt. He started playing on the drum at the age of three, and the piano at the age of six, and was a percussion student of his uncle, the famous drummer known as Saeed The Artist. He obtained a piano diploma from the Academy of Arts at the Cairo Conservatory, and later obtained a BA in percussion from the Higher Institue of Arabic Music. Saeed performed in many concerts in Kuwait and abroad with Arab artists, most notably; Hussain AlJasmi, Asala Nasri, Ramy Ayyash, and Muhammad Alhelou, and many other important artists and bands.
Oriental & Western Singing
Yousef Bara

Classes in :Oriental & Western Singing

Yousef Bara is an Arab music conductor, composer, singer, and pianist who was born in Syria in 1990. Yousef has a Bachelor of Arts degree in music, specializing in voice and piano, from the Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait. He graduated with high distinctions. His immense voice caught the attention of the Arab world when he was 16-years-old, as he made it to the finals of "Super Star," known today as "Arab Idol." Yousef has produced several original soundtracks and songs after dedicating most of his musical career to reviving Muwashahat and traditional Arabic music forms.
Lea Ghaya

Classes in :Guitar

Lea Ghaya is an experienced guitar player with a passion for teaching and performing. With over 10 years of playing experience, she has mastered various guitar styles, including classical, rock, pop, jazz, and blues. As a teacher, she adapts to the unique needs of each student, helping them achieve their musical goals. She studied music and guitar with the best guitarists and musicians in lebanon, and is finishing her studies in Classical music at the Lebanese Higher Conservatory of Music.

Workshops Available

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Drumming with Nisreen
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December 14, 2021

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Nisreen Nasser

This female only workshop is all about the dynamic interaction and synchronicity between the participants, as well as creating a fun and creative environment using one of the most ancient instruments.
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Free Singing Workshop
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January 9, 2022

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Yousef Bara

Members of the community in Kuwait can gather in this workshop to sing their favorite songs and improve their singing techniques.

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Quarantine Collection
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