Our Story

LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA) is an academy that empowers the talented youth of Kuwait to develop their skills and nurture their passion through programs in the fields of theatre, dance and music. LAPA was founded out of our deep belief in the therapeutic qualities of Art in all its forms.

LAPA is the first academy in Kuwait that caters to all aspects of the performing arts through classes, intensive workshops, and performances. We believe that performance in particular is a major tool that transforms talent and create highly effective performing artists; therefore we showcase our talents at major events and annual theatrical productions.

Performing arts develops youth's potential for self-expression and communication and helps them understand and appreciate life. In addition to elevating their verbal and physical abilities, performing arts contribute to enrich imagination, improve concentration, and better understand emotions; it both enhances team work and collaborative decision making.

our mission

Empower the youth through unique opportunities to evolve into highly effective humane citizens.

our vision

Enlightened youth for peace and prosperity

our values

Love, Peace, Contribution, Commitment, Empowerment, Awareness, Creativity

Fareah Al Saqqaf

Holding the position of Founder, Chairperson & Managing Director, Fareah oversees the running of LOYAC and guides the Board in strategy formulation and fundraising. She is an Economics Graduate from Kuwait University and has worked in major corporations such as Kuwait Airways and National Investment Company. An avid reader and arts enthusiast, Fareah regularly writes articles and plays.