Our Instructors

Rasoul Al Saghir
Head of the Drama Department

A Dutch actor and theatre director, who is originally from Baghdad where he studied Theatrical Directing, as well as receiving a diploma from the higher institute for theatre at Utrecht University, Netherlands. He participated in various international festivals, presenting critically-acclaimed productions abroad and has joined the Academy in January 2012.

Shereen Haje
Department Assistant

Since 2005, Shereen has been a dedicated member of the Academy’s drama department. She also worked as assistant director and actress in LAPA’s production of Macbeth in the role of ‘Lady Macbeth’. In 2014, she successfully directed her first work ‘Bela Alwan,’ presenting it during the International Museums Festival (Amricani Cultural Centre) and later at the American University of Beirut. She then directed 'Min Hawa Al Andalus' which was presented several times in Kuwait and during the International Universities Festival at the Lebanese American University (LAU).

Teni Matian
Head of the Dance Department

Teni graduated in 2003 as a professional dance teacher and a dance group director in Folk Art. She received her second BA in Theatre Dance at Salford University in Manchester, then began a professional certification course with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in London. She graduated in 2010 as a professional registered dance teacher with RAD.

Department Assistant

In 2011, he participated in the first ASWAT dance and music performance, having trained with the show’s French artistic group in their first collaboration with LAPA. He also took part in many of LAPA’s shows, and through intensive training and hard work, he was appointed as senior dance instructor at the Academy.

Nisreen Nasser
Head of the Music Department

Nisreen is a music conductor who completed her music studies between New York, Massachusetts, and Lebanon. She also holds a masters degree in Journalism and Media.

Yousef Bara
Department Assistant

A vocal instructor who holds a BA in Music from The Higher Institute of Musical Arts in Kuwait.


Our Management Team

Behind LOYAC Academy of Performing Arts’ (LAPA) continuous efforts is a hardworking team of professionals in the fields of marketing, public relations, press, and event planning. This unit has been put together to manage and organise LAPA’s activities, programs, and events that aim to spread culture, art, awareness, and encourage local talents.

Marwa Ammar
Shouq Al Adasani
Event Management
Maya Al Hennawi
Event Management
Ibtisama Arafa
Event Management and Press
Mohammad Abdo
Event Management
Shaima Abdulla
Editor & Translator
Mustafa Jihad
Creative & Production Team
Mishari Al Hamad
Creative & Production Team
Jonathan Fernandes
Creative & Production Team
Rawaf Abdulrahman
Creative & Production Team