Fine Art Academy (FAA)

FAA is certified under KIDS’ ART UK. At LAPA FAA,  children are taught how to paint, draw, print, work with clay, sculpt, collage, use soft and oil pastels, and other core techniques, whilst at the same time learning about famous artists and their styles – each project is inspired by an artist or art movement. Artists studied include all the Great Masters and many others. LAPA’s core aim is to teach children to become accomplished and proficient artists who take pride in their artwork, and to nurture and encourage an informed love of art. Children are given the self-confidence and technical skills to produce their own original art work inspired by a good background understanding of art movements over the centuries.

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Kids' Academy Goals:
  • Check Icon Alternative Education
  • Check Icon Group Cooperation
  • Check Icon Activation of Imagination
  • Check Icon Social Skills Development
  • Check Icon Creativity
  • Check Icon Self-Expression
  • Check Icon Independence
Days: Sundays & Tuesdays
Time: 05:30 - 06:30 PM
Limited Seats: 8-10 (For each age group)

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